Export Hardwood Sales

  • Experienced export sales to Europe

    NFP’s proximity to major US seaports allows for increased container availability and faster transit times.

  • Export Sales to Asia

    Kiln-dried lumber awaiting export shipment.

  • Appalachian hardwoods close to east coast ports

    NFP offers ripped to width strips.

Northland Forest Products produces kiln-dried hardwood lumber in both Kingston, New Hampshire and Troy, Virginia. Our facilities are strategically located among excellent Northern and Appalachian hardwood resources and very close to major East coast seaports.

Our export experience began in the 1970’s with exports to Europe and Asia, and continues today with markets in over twenty countries. NFP’s pioneering export innovations continue to be an integral part of our export business, including:

  • ripped to width strips
  • pulled to width strips
  • multi–species/multi-thickness container loads

Most importantly, our two-star NFP logo has become a recognized symbol of quality kiln-dried hardwoods worldwide. Northland Forest Products is not a trading company that buys and resells lumber produced by others. Our strict grading standards ensure that every shipment received will be of consistent quality and value.

Available Species