Wholesale Hardwood Sales

  • Kiln-dried hardwood lumber

    Kiln-dried hardwood lumber staged for shipment at NFP’s Kingston, NH facility.

  • Kiln-dried lumber storage shed

    Naturally-lit lumber storage shed allows for shipping and receiving in inclement weather.

  • Hardwood lumber New Hampshire

    Kiln-dried White Oak lumber at NFP’s Troy, Virginia facility.

  • Kiln-dried Northern Hardwoods

    NFP utilizes pre-dryers at both locations to ensure high quality lumber.

  • Kiln-dried Appalachian Hardwoods

    At NFP, attention to detail is followed in all stages of the hardwood drying process.

  • Kiln-dried lumber New Hampshire

    NFP is capable of drying over 1.5 million board feet of lumber per month.

  • Kiln-dried lumber Virginia

    NFP takes great pride in the quality and consistency of our kiln-dried hardwoods.

  • Kiln-dried lumber New Hampshire

    Pre-drying Oak lumber at our Troy, Virginia facility.

Northland Forest Products’ production and sales team draws from many years of hardwood lumber experience to offer our North American customers the very best in Northern and Appalachian hardwoods. With the combined years of our procurement, quality control, sales, and shipping staff, the lumber produced in our facilities passes through the skillful hands and watchful eyes of over two centuries of hardwood lumber experience.

Mixed truckload orders are welcome, and we offer:

  • S2S (Surfaced Two Sides)
  • Straight line / Gang ripping
  • Width and color sorting

Our experience is at your service.

Available Species